Brookton Hollow


Brookton Hollow
Written & Directed by
Joshua Smith
Christopher Hills
Willis Bigelow
Von Scott Bair
USA/10 min
A magical tale about a young man named Kyle who lives on a farm with only his father and their cow. Kyle's cares for the cow morning and night, and is devastated when his father announces that food is low and they must butcher the cow.
That evening, Kyle encounters a mysterious boy who opens him to a new form of love, and possibly a way to save his friend.
Joshua Smith grew up on a farm in Upstate New York that his parents called “Brookton
Hollow”. It had the largest walnut tree in the county, with branches that hung high above
the old farmhouse. As a child, Josh would to climb to the top and look out over the
creek, then close his eyes and imagine that he had supernatural powers. He would fly
around town, always wearing blue tights like superman on a mission to save a school
boy crush, who was about to be beaten up by a dangerous thug. He’d swoop down and
lift him away just in time. With the boys arms wrapped around him, Josh would safely
land back on the walnut tree branch where no one could see them. Joshua didn’t know
anyone gay growing up, but in his imagination, there was always a crush who he
couldn’t stop thinking about; someone who needed to be saved.

His world was a secret throughout high school. The only time he said “I’m gay” out loud
was to himself and to his cow. Her name was Nibbly, and it was Joshua’s job to milk her
morning and night. He would talk to himself, knowing that only she could hear him. He
would practice saying the words “I’m gay” so that one day he could have the confidence
to tell his family and the world.

The summer Josh graduated high school, he came out to his family. Soon after, he left
for college with a promise never to hide again.

Joshua now lives in San Francisco, and it’s not often that he see’s a cow standing in a
field. But when he does, there’s a connection that fills him with a sense of peace; it’s as
if a part of Josh is standing out there grazing along side it. As for the boy in the tree,
he’s still sitting there smiling, knowing that he gave Joshua the inspiration to make
“Brookton Hollow”.
Screening Date:
March 25th, 8pm

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