Spring 2011 Films


Spring 2011 Film Lineup

Friday, March 25th 8pm    

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Directed by Joshua Smith
A farm boy learns that his cow and only friend must be killed because meat is running low. As night falls, a mysterious young man draws the boy deep into the forest who holds a secret that could save his cow and change the boy's life forever.
Directed By Joel Fendelman
Set in Brooklyn, a slice of life story of a 10 year old religious Muslim boy who one day finds himself wanting to play softball with the other kids. After changing to what he thinks is acceptable, he learns it's not so easy.
Directed by Rocco Nisivoccia Jr.
A hot tempered ex-soldier must contend with a dead end job, a deceased personal life, and a world inhabited by rehabilitated Zombie’s. But when Brady loses a promotion to an undead counterpart, he sets out to prove his suspicions of the former flesh eaters are justified.
HANDLET; Directed by Patty Nelson & Wes Hurley
Aside from the normal insecurities that an average woman goes through, Mary Jane has been trying to overcome an obstacle for a very VERY long while. Watch Mary Jane go through another typical day as she struggles to overcome the obstacles provided to her by her 'Handlet'.
Directed by Diego Otero
The sign in the subway reads 'DO NOT HOLD DOORS' but this commuter thinks this does not concerns him, until he meets this interesting character
Directed by Caleb Allen
A short musical about a young toy designer who gets fired from his factory job for making 'obscene' toys. The distraught toy maker gets revenge with his army of blade wheeling toys and home made flame thrower as he falls in to the bliss of madness.
Directed by Daniel Wirtberg
A young girl enjoys the perfect life of being the only child, when
one day a new family member arrives.
SIGNS; Directed by Tamar Natanel
A deaf dancer, Hannah distresses as her son has departed for military service, having lost her brother who was killed long ago in military service. Hannah turns to dance partners to articulate her anxieties rather than sharing them with her husband. An argument at the cemetery and an encounter with an elderly bereaved mother force Hannah to face the growing disconnection in her family.

Saturday, March 26th 5pm                              

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Directed by Catherine Stratton
Be swept up on a magical journey on the New York City Subway, never knowing what you will see next. This musical 'tone poem' uses archival and present day scenes to create a movable feast of sights and sounds unique to this underground New York City icon.
Directed by Jeffrey P. Nesker
Biography as dream. The life story of the Founder, Artistic Director and Lead Dancer of Toronto based dance company, The Chimera Project, Malgorzata Nowacka. A new way to present the high impact, heavily erotic and athletic dance that has won her and her company worldwide accolades.
Directed by Roger Davidson
The story of a male prostitute, Martin, as he sits down with an interviewer to discuss his life. Through a series of flashbacks, we find out about his many betrayals at the hands of family, teachers, friends and society, which shape his dark worldview on humanity.
Directed by Donna Roman Hernandez
Hashim Garrett, a 15-year old victim of senseless gang violence, was shot 6 times, partially paralyzed with 12 holes in his young body, and left for dead on a Brooklyn, New York street corner. As he lay on the cold pavement Hashim begged God ' Please don't let me die'.
Directed by Dan Bowhers, Matthew Maguire & Vandal Truong
The best years of Don's life have come and gone, having been in the area since the 1980’s, his world is changing. He struggles to find meaning in this existence, filled with trust fund babies and high rise condos. Ultimately, Don has to walk the dogs of the very people who challenge his happiness.
Directed by Sarah-Rose Meredith
Inspired by Sartre’s “No Exit” – Jenna is the Best Boy on the set of a low budget period film that won't end. As messages about her dog's failing health trickle through, the director continues to need 'just one more shot' and Jenna must ultimately decide between saving her dog or the film.

Saturday, March 26th 8pm                              

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Directed by Brooke Sebold
AFTER THE SNOW tells the story of a very pregnant and impulsive young woman named June. Brandishing a gun, June bursts into the home of the man who raped her eight-months prior and demands a confession; instead she learns that all actions have consequences.
Directed by Ruben Amar
Suleiman, an eleven year old Palestinian boy, lives in a small village in the Gaza strip. Every month, he goes with his father to the ruins of a destroyed village. Though he doesn't understand the weird ritual in which his father is engaged, Suleiman feels he has a duty to help him.
Directed by Joseph Albanese
A sadistic killer who was sentenced to death is granted clemency by the newly elected governor. In light of public outrage, a reporter confronts Poe seeking to shed light on the emotionally charged topic. What she learns can never be forgotten.
Directed by Etienne Goldet
A yuppie from Paris, faces a larger than life twist of fate. Dressed in his 70's suit, he journeys to the hottest costume party in Paris and winds up in the dump instead. Rude to his neighbor and a Parisian bum, he meets his match when faced with supernatural force.
Directed by Daniel Belkin
Down and out and about to turn thirty, Vincent finds unexpected romance after crashing a neighbor's party. A sad comedy about infatuation.
Directed by Tobias Stretch
The film tells a powerfully transcendent tale of love that becomes threatened by a force of darkness. The power of that magical love is used to fend off the force of darkness and carry the lovers to another level of existence towards beauty, peace and transcendence.
Directed by Kelsey Stark
A young girl divulges her ghostly past

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All films will be screened at

195 East 3rd Street
New York, NY 10009
p. 212.228.1195
f. 212.228.1154
*The theater is handicapped accessible.



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