Street Hassle


Street Hassle
Written & Directed by
Roger Davidson
Colin Reid
Kariann Craig
USA/30 min
Director's Website
A tape recorder rolls. A nervous female reporter from a local newspaper begins to talk with Martin, Male Hustler.

She has come to question him about his life and experiences. He narrates to her tales of his first experiences, run-ins with seedy characters, and attempts to get out of the life by going to college to become a teacher and writer. But the reporter has also interviewed, an old friend of Martin’s; Crista, a punk rocker. Martin is openly bitter about Crista, as he blames her as the source of his current woes. In the course of the parallel interviews, we learn why Martin feels this way about her. We also learn of his meeting with Jacob Mailer, a screenwriting teacher, who claims to help Martin with advice on his current manuscript, an autobiographical tale about a male prostitute.

Over dinner between Martin and Jacob, things grow more intense, as Jacob makes it painfully clear he cares nothing about Martin's writing. Using his foreknowledge about Martin’s life as a prostitute, he proposes to pay him for sex. This triggers a violent memory from his past, that intensifies Martin's self-loathing. He ends up agreeing to Jacob’s proposal, but in the midst of their sexual encounter, he turns the table on Jacob, merging his past traumatic experiences with his moment with Jacob. These painful memories force Martin to confront the demons within himself, and learn it is never easy to forget the past.
Director's Biography:
Writer/Director Roger Davidson was born in 1979. Since a young age, Davidson has been fascinated with Cinema and Media Production, from the time he picked up a camcorder at age 8. He has been involved in Minnesota made film production for the past few years.

In 1995, when his family began to form a group of Web sites called THE DREAM MACHINE, at, they enlisted him to be their resident film critic on a site called Teen Movie Critic ( It was not only one of the first film review sites on the web, but quickly gained fame when Netscape featured it as one of their "Favorite" Web sites. It was featured in People magazine, USA Today and many other newspapers. During his short career as TMC (1995-1997), he appeared on radio and TV, gave many interviews to local, national and international media outlets and was asked to lecture at the University of Minnesota about his experiences. Among the pinnacles of his time as a film critic, included debating Roger Ebert on KSTP Talk Radio in Minneapolis, and meeting John Singleton and witnessing the editing process on his feature film ROSEWOOD.

From 2004-2008, he studied in the Film program, under Cinematographer Adam Olson, at Minneapolis Community-Technical College. He graduated in 2008, with an associate's degree in Filmmaking. STREET HASSLE is his first short film, post Film School. Besides doing freelance Videography for events (weddings, concerts, etc.), he plans on continuing with screenwriting, and is currently outlining his first feature film script this year.
Screening Date:
March 26th, 3pm

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