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The New York No Limits 2015 Short film one night short film events concluded on August 20th with another dynamic lineup at Wild Project. 
Short Film Lineup August 20, 2015
DON’T FORGET TO TIP, Gal Nachshon director U. S. experimental
KARKASS KARTS, Ben Nelson director U. S., narrative
NYC I – X, Kenneth Anderson director U. S experimental
PARDON THE INTRUSION, Louise Galizia director U. K. narrative
VIOLETS, Jim Vendiola director U. S. horror
YOU’RE BREAKING UP, Mandy Fabian director U. S. comedy


Four of the filmmakers, Gal Nachshon – Ben Nelson – Kenneth Anderson – Jim Vendiola, were able to make the event and participate in the Q & A afterwards.  It’s always special when several of the filmmakers have the opportunity to attend; it energizes the audience and the post show chat is always a little bouncier. You can check out a little more about the films by clicking on the links.  Our favorite part of each event is the post show comments that people enjoyed the program’s absence of ‘theme.’ Doesn’t ‘theme get a bit cumbersome? We think so. It’s best to program interesting work and allow it to speak for itself. 




2015 Continued with our short film event on June 25th, at Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Thanks to all the filmmakers and those who attended. It’s always a grand time. 

A GIFT FOR AMELIA, Danielle K L Anathema director, Canada
AND IT WAS GOOD, Graham Waterston director, U. S.
COME BACK: LiL iFFy’s final spell, Adam Lau director, U. S.
CRAZY BITCH, Alice Shindelar director, U. S.
LOAD, Niv Shpigel director, Israel
PERVERT, Michael Roberson director, U. S.




NYNL kicked off the 2015 season on March 12th, with a lineup of 4 short films at The Wild Project. The lineup exhibited our goal to offer diverse and emerging filmmakers a platform to show new work and continue fine-tuning their artistic voice. From the experimental The Seat to the dark narrative Blonde our mission was reflected.  Next up is our short film event coming in May. The lineup will be posted April 20th on the Home page. Drop us a line if you have any questions. 

BLONDE directed by Joanna Strange, U. S.
THE SEAT directed by Xu Yi, China
TEA PARTY directed by Brian Zahm, U. S.
TRUE LOVE directed by Benjamin Berger, U. S.

 RECAP, Jennifer Gibli

New York No Limits (“NYNL”) finished off another year with its 2014 Summit taking place November 20-November 22, 2014 at The Wild Project in New York City’s East Village.  The 2014 Summit’s 3-day event brought together several Best of shorts selected from previous screenings in the season, as well as a variety of new shorts and features. The Thursday, November 20th, opening night featured:  Cycle, written and directed by Ed Peduzzi, about a man’s battle with laundry gone rogue; Happy Hour, written and directed by Gretl Claggett, a film which brings forth in cinematic form a woman’s unsettling memories of sexual abuse by a family friend and the complacency of those around her; and finally, Patrol, written and directed by Rich Devaney, a short film which calls into question the “protective” actions of two NYC police officers set on assisting a drunk, vulnerable young woman get home safely.  Following the shorts, See You Next Tuesday, written and directed by Drew Tobia, entertained our audience with its quirky and dark portrayal of a young, unstable mother-to-be who loses her job and apartment in the same day, yet must turn to her equally unstable mother and sister for support.

November 21st’s Friday night event featured the Netherlands drama, Silent Ones, written and directed Ricky Rijneke.  With breathtaking cinematic imagery, Silent Ones told the story of a sister who suddenly loses her brother and sets out on a surrealistic trip as she tries to survive in a harsh, unsightly world, while caught between life and death.  Friday closed with a set of shorts, including two Best of films – Only Blood, written and directed by Alexander Jorgensen, as well as Parietal Guidance, written and directed by Lonnie EdwardsAdditional shorts screened on Friday, included After, directed by Sean Branigan and written by Amy De Bhrun, tackling the subject of rape which finds itself in the midst of a new, budding relationship; The Years, written and directed by Keun-Pyo Park, which follows one man’s inability to let go of his daughter who tragically died years earlier; and Myth, written and directed by Sam Guest, a film which darkly teeters between childhood and adolescence.  Following the screenings, NYNL’s Tom Escovar conducted a Q&A with present filmmakers Alex Jorgensen, Lonnie Edwards and Sam Guest.

The 2014 Summit was buzzing throughout the day on Saturday, November 22nd, with three blocks of screenings.  First, the documentary feature, Fagbug Nation, directed by Erin Davies, was screened.  Fagbug Nation follows one woman’s determination to get her rainbow-colored VW across all 50 states advocate for gay rights awareness.  The evening then showcased a set of shorts, as well as the feature Grantham & Rose, directed by Kristin Hanggi/written by Ryan Spahn, and starring Jake T. Austin and Marla Gibbs.  The blocked included another Best of short, Killing Vivian, written and directed by Mandy Fabian.  Shorts also featured that evening included:  Norway’s A Short Film on Equality, written and directed by Matt Willis-Jones; the U.K.’s Mustard, directed by Theresa Varga/written and directed by Theresa Varga and Nathan Bryon; Canada’s La Canadienne Francaise (A French Canadian Girl), directed by Charles Grenier and Sarah Pellerin/written by Charles Grenier; and the U.S. film, Truckin’, directed by Diane Newman/written by Ketti Kollin.

The 2014 Summit concluded Saturday night with its final screenings.  Best of short, Animals, written and directed by Alexander Yan, returned once again to the NYNL screen.  Following Yan’s film, Leah Meyerhoff’s feature, I Believe in Unicorns, mesmerized our audience with its fantastical portrayal of a young and dangerous love.  I Believe in Unicorns’ Natalie Dyer was on hand following the film for a Q&A session with NYNL’s Jennifer Gibli. 

Following the last film, the 2014 Summit’s winners were announced:  Best Feature Film – The Silent Ones; Best Short Film – Patrol; Audience Award – Myth; and Special Jury Prize – See You Next Tuesday.  This year’s jury panel included Jeremy Levine, Karen Brown, Frederick Pelletier, Samantha Buck and Andrew Adair.  Thank you to all our jurors and our filmmakers for another successful year!  See you in 2015!


Silent Ones
See You Next Tuesday
I Believe in Unicorns
Happy Hour
Grantham and Rose
Fagbug Nation
A French Canadian Girl
The Years

NYNL 2013 Summit Films


woo woo
only daughter
my sisters
ROC Finger poster
cold turkey

  2013 Award Winners:


DIEGO STAR | Frederick Pelletier, Director | Belgium


MY SISTER’S QUINCEANERA | Aaron Douglas Johnston, Director | USA






Short Film Event


Thursday May 22nd, 9:30 PM 
  NUYORICAN POETS CAFE | 195 East 3rd Street NYC

 DIAL UP | Igor Jimenez Galicia director, experimental | Spain / Mexico

 GRANDMA | Andrew Mui director, documentary | U.S.

 ONLY BLOOD | Alex Jorgensen director, narrative | U.S.

PASSAGES | Neysan Sobhani director, experimental | Bermuda / China

PATROL | Rich Devaney director, narrative | U.S.

THE STORY OF MILO & ANNIE | Harris Doran director, narrative | U.S.

TAKE ME HOME | Kim Tran director, narrative | Canada


March 27, ’14 – The entry deadline for the 2nd installment of the 2014 New York No Limits Film Series has come to a close. The NYNL team is now hard at work reviewing all submissions to bring our audience an exciting lineup for the May 22nd showing at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.  And our submitting filmmakers do not make this task easy whatsoever; with each round of submissions, the filmmakers continue to surprise and amaze us with their talent, giving the New York No Limits Film Series the opportunity to continue presenting the very best from up-and-coming filmmakers.  

March 6, 2014 Program Recap – marked the inauguration of the 2014 New York No Limits Film Series season.   Taking place at The Wild Project in the East Village, NYC, the night brought together six short films selected from several dozen submissions hailing from as far as South Korea, CzechRepublic, Israel and Switzerland.  Tom Escovar, NYNL’s Head of Programming, kicked off the event with an introduction to the festival and the directors in attendance.   

Representing a wide range in filmmaking endeavors, the lineup that night included a piece on freedom presented through the art of animation (Flight of the Soul, directed by Caitlin Inzinna, USA); an exploration of relationships and time, perception and reality in narrative form (Breakfast with Pete, directed by Niloo Ravaei, Canada); and a dark comedy about one woman’s unfettering determination and stop-at-nothing will to kill an inconspicuous target (Killing Vivian, directed by Mandy Fabian, USA).  Also featured was Incalcitranous Rex, a pop-art, sci-fi film which flies in the face of computer-generated imagery and in the process, wins its own fans (directed by Matt Willis-Jones, Norway).  The festival also included the premiere of Hiccup, directed by Alyssa Radmand and Griffin Devine, tackling the unfortunate consequences of one man’s affliction with chronic hiccups.  Making his directorial debut, Jack Stannard gave life above-ground to an underground artist with his documentary FlyeLyfe NYC (USA).  

Following the screenings, Jennifer Gibli, NYNL’s Associate Director of Programming, brought the filmmakers in attendance (Niloo Ravaei, Jack Stannard, Alyssa Radmand and Griffin Devine) onstage for a Question & Answer session aimed at providing the audience with greater insight into how the films were shot, as well as the inspiration behind them.  To top off the night, PJ O’Rourke, the subject of Stannard’s documentary, gave audience members an up-close opportunity to see his work, his studio cart and even the chance to purchase his works for their personal art collections.  





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