/ by Robert Wagner

The 8th New York No Limits Film Series Summit is set to be our best yet. With over twenty films showing over the next three days, we don’t blame you if you’re feeling spoilt for choice. According to our Weather app, the hot-and-sticky weather of late will continue to torment New Yorkers this weekend, so get yourself to the air-conned sanctuary that is the Wild Project, and sit back with these two suburb feature films. 


Noble Earth
Feature, Drama
Written and directed by Ursula Grisham

They Say
Noble Earth is a study of ennui and female repression within a world rarely seen onscreen— Italy's hermetic nobility.Emma meets Tancredi in Florence, embarking on a love affair with the intoxicating cosmos he represents: endless days in the gauzy hills, the sun-blanched beaches. They become engaged. Soon, however, Emma becomes caught in family politics, learning what is expected of a woman in Florentine high society. The same beauty that intoxicated Emma reveals itself as superficial, and suffocates her.

We Say
Noble Earth is, quite simply, stunning. The cast are as beautiful as the scenery; donned in the best of shabby chic, they stride alongside the azure waters of the Italian seaside, tiptoe through sun-dappled forests, and jog by iconic Florentine landmarks, wrapped up in an inner dialogue that is rarely shared with the audience. Much of the script is vacant chat, Florence’s privileged discuss things like chestnut honey, or fight over who’ll dip into their pocket money for the next drink. This makes the moments when the characters betray their enforced societal roles and let their emotions bubble to the surface all the more impactful. 
Watch for: A beautifully executed insight into a hidden world. 
Stay for: The inner cheer-inducing ‘Girl Power’ moments. 

The New York premiere of Noble Earth is showing at the New York No Limits Film Series Summit 2018 on Saturday, August 11th at 9:30pm.


One Bedroom
Feature, Drama
Written and directed by Darien Sills-Evans

They Say
Breaking up is easy. Moving out is hard. After five years of ups and downs, an African American 30-something couple in a gentrifying Brooklyn neighbourhood spends their final afternoon together arguing and remember better days, as one of them moves out and hopefully on with her life. 

We Say
Man children, revenge fucks, and break-up sex – One Bedroom brings back all the relationship drama you’ve tried to forget, with a dose of humour to soften the blow. The characters are flawed, confused, yet loveable individuals who try their best to navigate that empty feeling that comes from ending a long-term relationship one year too late. Add a nostalgic ode to old Brooklyn, before gentrification rendered neighbourhoods unrecognisable, and you’ve got a perfect New York tale. Sills-Evans wraps it all up with a sharp script, some great acting, and a lingering feeling of hope. 
Watch for: A sensitively told love story for the modern age, where real characters pay high prices. 
Stay for: The laughs along the way.

One Bedroom is showing at the New York No Limits Film Series Summit 2018 on Saturday, August 11th at 7:00pm.

The New York No Limits Film Series Summit 2018 will take place at the Wild Project,
195 East 3rd Street, 
New York 10009. 
Get your tickets here [https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/cal/621/1533096000000].