ABout New York No Limits

New York No Limits Film Series (NYNL) is an ongoing collection of screenings that presents the best films from around the world in the most unique and dynamic arts city in the world. NYNL provides filmmakers the opportunity and support to explore innovative, taboo and diverse subjects. The goal of NYNL is multi layered and broad; to create a film program of the most genre diverse, multi cultural and visionary independent films from around the world.

NYNL hosts four one night Short Film events throughout the year. The series culminates with the New York No Limits Film Series Summit at the end of each year. The Summit is a film festival event that screens both feature films and short films over a three day period.

Some films selected will appear in competition for the Best Feature Film and Best Short Film that carries a cash prize in each category.


NYNL seeks to program films that reflect the essence of the filmmaker’s vision, daring in nature and imbued with stories that cross the line of commercial intent.

Ultimately, NYNL wishes to give filmmakers who take profound leaps a platform while extending the boundaries and canvass of conventional film with programs showcasing the most daring visions in film today.