That Your Body Is For Receiving Happiness And Good Stuff

Directed by Katori Hall

Chauncey Wright, a champion bull rider, has been risking his life on the weekly to give his kids the ultimate gift—a jet ski. But when he takes Annie Sue and Tommie on a weekend lake trip for a joy ride on their new toy, they are all forced to confront a stubborn legacy swimming just beneath the surface.

Head Wound

Directed by Patrick Valenti

This year, 1 in 5 women will engage in self harm. And, though she may not look it, Bridgett is one of them. While the outside world sees a put-together office worker with a normal life, Bridgett and her boyfriend, Jason, must suffer the strain on their relationship in the privacy of their home.


Directed by Emilie Rosas

Daniel, age 16, is persuaded that the end of the world could arise tomorrow. He gets ready physically and mentally for the Apocalypse by following the advice of Randall Wallace, an American survivalist, author of the book ‘how to survive the End of the World’.

Mare Nostrum

Directed by Rana Kazkaz & Anas Khalaf

On a Mediterranean shore, a Syrian Father makes a decision that puts his daughter’s life at risk.

Night Shift

Directed by Marshall Tyler

A day in the life of a bathroom attendant in a Los Angeles nightclub.

That Your Body Is For Receiving Happiness And Good Stuff
That Your Body Is For Receiving Happiness And Good Stuff

Directed by Anna Blum

An 18-year-old boy named Charlie nervously awaits the arrival of his prom date that he found on Tinder. When she continues to be missing in action, he finds himself connecting with her mysterious and lonely mother. 

They Charge For The Sun

Directed by Terence Nance

In a dystopian future where people live nocturnally to avoid the harmful rays of the sun, a young black girl unravels the lie that has kept her and her sister in the dark.