Noble Earth

Written & Directed by Ursula Grisham

Emma meets Tancredi in Florence, embarking on a love affair with the intoxicating cosmos he represents: endless days in the gauzy hills, the sun-blanched beaches. They become engaged. Soon, however, Emma becomes caught in family politics, learning what is expected of a woman in Florentine high society. The same beauty that intoxicated Emma reveals itself as superficial, and suffocates her.


Written & Directed by Amy DePaola

Since surviving a physical assault on the steps of her apartment, Amy DePaola (30) has been keeping a low profile while visiting a local boxing gym. When a young woman turns up dead in her neighborhood, Amy is forced to face her fears again, revealing that her real fight is far from over. Inspired by true events and melding narrative with cinéma vérité, AMYDEE. is writer-director-actor Amy DePaola’s meditation on reclaiming one’s power in an uncontrollable modern world.

Cal & V

Written & Directed by Timothy Offor

Cal & V are two lovers stuck at a crossroads until Cal places his successful movie career on the line to try and win Vanessa back.